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Wrapping up the stroker phase...


Memorial Day 2005 - Yesterdays Indy 500 was very motivating! The the car got some attention finally... now its just accessories, exhaust and few other things and then test drive!!!!!!


Here's a look down the tunnel with all that surface rust. Ughhh  But at least it all fits.   The exhaust wont of course. Ughhh


The suspension is back on the car!   The springs need painting and there are new KYB AGX shocks waiting to go on, but that lower control arm looks good after sandblasting and painting. Damn road salt.




FWIW, I got the shop cleaned today and got a lot done on the car. As of now, the drivetrain is in and together including the front bushings (did the rears last year), brakes are on, longer steering shaft, etc. That sandblasted and recoated front subframe and lower arms are NICE. Match the rears which were done last year.

Started to put the accesories in the momo, including the new 130amp 6g alternator.

Having done this so many times, I had gotten smart and placed all the bolts and small parts in a separator bin labeled by section. It was on the trunk lid (storage area) and on the floor behind the car was a pile of misc spare bolts I had dumped out to find some for the ceiling trolley or some other project. I went to yank a rag out from under the bolts bin thing and it fell, like bread with peanutbutter, upside down onto the misc bolts pile. The clearly was the work of SATAN.

Anyway, slowly, I isolated what I needed to get the smog pump, alt, etc on. Then I started on the ps/ac side and the nice big steel front a/c bracket I had snadblasted and coated looked beautiful. Except I forgot it had the top cut off for the Kenne Bell... so it is now USELESS.

Looking for another front steel bracket (the heavy one) now. My friend may have one, I'll give a call and see.

Next I have to bolt up the headers. Since the Earls gaskets are too short for the top of each port and leaked like all the rest, I'll try just ultra high temp rtv alone and see (unless someone gives me a better idea in this thread).

So basically, I have to install the auto brake pedal, bleed the brakes, add the injectors and water lines, radiator, and the usual odds and ends and then do a open header test. The H-pipe needs to be redone to clear the auto trans oil pan. So I'll bring it to my buddies shop and make a new H-pipe and save that one for any future return to a T5.

Anyway its a few short man-hours from being done! Then on to a chip retune, and 4 wheel alignment, and this time, a fresh paint job.

I'll post a few pics tomorrow.

6/19/05 Its tomorrow! OK Its getting close (again)!

Got seats out, vacuumed the rug, swapped the brake pedal, and yanked out and blocked off the clutch system. Hopefully there wont be too much more to buy! (Funds getting low)



July 10, 2005   I'll just post pics... and a few captions for now

This is the home-made flexible dipstick. I took a photo of the dipstick sticking out the end of the tube next to a ruler, its 2.5" ...  then cut off the ends and used heater hose to make a flex dip stick. Works GREAT!



This is an odd driveshaft angle, but the tranny is level. 


Wifes car looking for its Monster to keep it company!

Uh Oh!   That cheap "made in china" Cobra Intake (sold by ford racing), doesn't clear the distributor TFT module! 

Looking down the throat!

Its getting close...

DOH!   Installing the EGR spacer is not required with the GT40...

MUCH better!  Now we have 2 more inches of room for an airbox and cold air...

8/1/05 It runs!  Started it just for a few seconds...  

Also got a taller Radiator, needed to make some mods for it:

An old sage once told me "when obstacles appear in your lifes path my son, get the sawzall"

So, never one to argue with a sage, that's what i did.


8/3/05  Made upper radiator brace, and put a rivet into each side bracket which were also pounded flat. The radiator has plenty of room on each side now.



8/7/05 FINALLY OK starting to build the exhaust

Note the backwards rake coming out of the flange. this will help tire clearance a LOT. Also, due to the bullshit sticking off the  left side of the transmission, I will make a 2.25" into 2.75" Y pipe and run ONE big cat, and ONE big muffler, with dual outlets. Unless I change my mind.


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