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Page 1  - gathering storm (or parts) .


A Ford V8 Miata is as easy to have, when you buy the fast build kit from Panache, the V8 Miata people. Buy a kit from Panache today and be driving your V8 Miata in as little as a month! Click on Panache below to learn more... still have questions, just pick up the phone and call (760) 510 9682 - Martin Wilson will be happy to help you through your decision and your assembly. It's easy, it's fun.


V8 Power in a Miata is nice... but if you want smooth, sophisticated (yet still powerful) performance, without the added weight, go see Flyin Miata... the leader  in Miata Performance equipment. Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, they carry it all, ship fast, and stand behind what they sell. Click their logo now! 







Rich at R&C runs a very nice Mustang drag car (four of them, actually!) . He sold me my Edelbrock Performer Heads, and contributed a ton of other Ford help. In exchange, I have posted the crappiest of his business cards on this site! DOH!





Please note this page contains many somewhat large images (including the occasional scanty-clad woman, but no nudity). I have tried to reduce them all to under 100k, but with a modem it still may take 10mins to load them all (per page), so go have a beer. If they don't all load the first time, just hit 'refresh' and after a couple times you will have them all. Every day after that, only the new ones have to load in. Or get a cable modem! (and another beer)


For those of you who would ask why put a Ford HO V8 into a Miata Sports Car, the following "Monster Movies" should explain it.

Miata V8 Dyno Clip-Matt

Miata V8 Flyby-Matt

Miata V8 Idling/Flyby-Skip

Miata V8 12sec Drag Run-Scott


If not, consider that a new economy car costs 20k, a decent car is 30k and a good Sports car is 40k and up. When I'm done I will have 1/4 the cost of a new Corvette, and all of the performance, it's paid for, and I can do all my own repairs - inexpensively due to the low cost of Ford parts. Fun, Cheap, and building this project is damn good therapy!


Buy the kit here   www.v8miata.com    Martin Wilson will provide you with the most complete, well thought out kit possible. And he stands right behind it as well... most of the frustrations I encountered could have been avoided had I more closely followed the book and Martins advice. First and foremost I should have bought a complete engine from www.allmustang.com  because getting one locally with every little piece is nearly impossible unless u buy a whole car. 


Here's a clean looking V8 installation! Hopefully mine will be as nice (probably not though). -Matt's car again...


V8 Chronology

May 2000 Purchased 91 Miata, but this car was quickly taken by wife!

August 2000 Purchased 92 Miata

September 2000 Ordered Greddy Turbocharger Kit

Oct 00 - Jan 2001 Researched Turbo Upgrades and bought many items

Jan 2001 - Received Greddy and installed the next day

May 2001 Dynoed at 185whp! with AFPR system maxed out at 11.5psi total mods cost of about $3000

Sept 2001 Purchased used Link Mk2 and 450cc Injectors, 2.5" Downpipe

April 2002 added Vishnu Fuel Rail and received help with accurate tuning, car is smooth and strong at about 225 REAR WHEEL HP. The car SLAMS on the power at 3400 rpms. Tuning is SPOT ON!

April 15 2002 Quickly researched and decided on V8 Conversion, subsequently advertised all mods and drive train on internet

April 17 2002 Bought 1984 Buick 4 door for $100

April 19 2002 Most mods are sold and have enough money to buy kit, but not engine or transmission

April 22 2002 Sent check for the V8 Conversion Kit, and 7.5" Posi Differential. Most advertised items are sold. See car on stands, for Torsen removal.

April 30 2002 Ordered a complete 302 from early 90's Mustang for $850 including the ECU and harnesses. Also added a 86 Mustang Trans for another $400. Everything (except the subframe) should be in my hands by late next week.

May 1 2002 Unbolted engine and related stuff, ready to hoist out

May 2 2002 Dropped tranny out and hoisted engine up. Left for the night with engine suspended over car. (Note the metric adjustable wrench on the floor)

May 3 2002  Dropped subframe out and rolled car back to lower engine to floor. Plan to disassemble subframe tomorrow and clean at carwash for shipment Monday to V8Miata for the welding and mods. I will ship via 2day to speed the process.

May 6 2002  Received the 302 and trans, but no accessories or ecu. Took motor to car wash and transferred most of the 1/2" of grime from the motor onto me. No matter where I stood with the pressure wand, the stuff came right at me.

May 7 2002 Received the rest of the engine parts ! (accessories, ecu, harnesses)

note: (turns out I got focked on the engine... wrong computer wrong harness and the engine is JUNK... scored bearings etc.. what a bunch of stupid, incompetent, junkyard assholes (not Belleville, this was another place in cape cod)) I got $250 back to buy another computer and harness and ate the motor.




Above:  The second used 302. $350. An 86 with 8k on a rebuild. At least it can be run until a real motor is built out of the first one!  I will try to find a used KB Blower for it.

Below: Its a Buick pickup truck! That $100 car - GREAT investment, even carries 302 Ford engines around!    5/14/02


May 15, 2002 Yes the kit arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Wait... no, its my wifes PERFUME shipment. WTF!!!!!!  Gotta wait another day   :(       

ABS? This car has what? ABS????? That's extra weight! Rip It Out Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh... this is much better....


Now onto the PS... how to use a FoMoCo PS pump on a Mazda Rack... looks like a "too much hose" problem to me. Don't worry, I'm used to that... DOH!


For about ten bucks Cliff at the local parts store used a hydraulic hose maker and installed these fittings. It even separates. That was his idea. And a good one, now I can lengthen it, or add a metal cooling loop later.

5/16/2002 Picked up most of the parts store odds and ends specified in the kit. Kiss another $300 goodbye!

5/17/2002  Kit Arrives! (Minus Radiator)


Below: "What is all this brown truck and fuss about. I'll go take care of this..."


"Oh, its my kit!"    "Why THANK YOU SIR!" "Here, allow me..."